My Mirror normalises mental health

The inspiration for My Mirror came from the Kintsugi philosophy that once repaired we can become stronger and more beautiful in the places we are broken. This philosophy gave birth to our strongest social aims: to build healthier and happier communities through the normalisation of mental health support; and to welcome more Australians to take responsibility for their wellbeing, find balance through personal development and start living the life they want to live.

Our highly accessible, affordable and holistic mental health solution is designed to give you the opportunity to reflect on your inner story and your strengths in order to rediscover connection, emotional resilience and joy.

My Mirror was created by healthcare professionals and a team who have had first-hand experience with the journey of personal development. We know it takes courage and honesty to confront your imperfections, overcome emotional hurdles and work towards your goals. So, we’ve worked hard to ensure that when you’re ready to take the responsibility to seek growth and own your own path forward you don’t have to wait days or weeks to talk to a professional. Our experienced online psychologists are readily available up to 21 hours of the day.

Our convenient, secure and purpose-built online service is accessible from anywhere in Australia and is designed to eliminate most geographical, financial and time-related accessibility barriers that often make it difficult to conveniently seek therapy. Our online model, which also offers you the opportunity to speak to a psychologist anonymously, is designed to help reduce stigma and make reaching out even easier.

Our psychologists are experienced in a range of specialties and work in-line with evidence-based strategies. They take a collaborative approach to therapy, working with you to build the tools you need to tap into your potential and become more productive.

Each of our registered psychologists has been individually selected by our team to ensure their values are aligned with our social goals and ethos, and more importantly that they’re passionate and skilled in their practice. They are committed to helping you strengthen your psychological resilience with honesty and acceptance, so you can rediscover your inner strength, develop stronger relationships and feel more fulfilled.

The real work in therapy happens in-between sessions. This is why My Mirror is excited to partner with the Awake Academy to complement the practices explored in the experience Layne Beachley offers.

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