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No Bullsh*t Transformation

A centre for self-empowerment, Awakening people to detach from fear, take control and live a life they love.

Meet your mentor.

7-time world champion surfer, Layne Beachley AO.

Layne Beachley’s no bullsh*t leadership style blazed a trail for equality, in and out of the water.

A seven-time world champion. The only surfer in history to claim six consecutive world titles, five won in a state of fear, two won in a state of love. Her story is one of overcoming states of self-doubt and self-sabotage, sustaining success and maintaining a winning mindset.

Her life experiences are the inspiration behind the creation of this academy.

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Meet your mentor
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Are you tired of sleep walking through life? Can you imagine living a life filled with fun, flow and a sense of freedom?


Cultivating a mindset that embraces joy, celebration and play empowers us to detach from fear and bring back the fun



Flow is a state of fluidity, just like Neo in The Matrix, agile and adaptable, in the absence of resistance, doubt and self-sabotage.



Owning your feelings, identifying your strengths, detaching from judgment and designing a life you love! No more coulda, shoulda or woulda. It’s a Hell Yeah!


Your complete toolkit to radically transform your life.

Over 40 years of lived and learned experiences condensed into a self-paced online course consisting of 3 chapters and 7 rounds to help you wake up, own your shit and live a life you love!

Awake Academy empowers you to unlock your internal GPS.

Supported by evidence-based mental health service, MyMirror

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Give Back to humanity. $7 donated to WWF, our Awakethropy partner

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Hope is not a strategy. Is this you?

Awake Tired


Are you feeling out of Balance, worn out at the end of every day or lacking energy or the motivation to enjoy life?

Awake Wired


Are you feeling disconnected? Is your life filled with demands, distractions and detours, challenging you to keep your head above water?

Awake Undesired


Are you invested in struggle and believe success has to be hard? Constantly pushing, pulling and striving but not thriving?

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It’s time to stop hoping and start working towards how you truly want to feel.

Unlock your internal GPS

Unlock your internal GPS to experience fun, flow and freedom

Our no bullshit transformational course will help you detach from fear, bring back the fun, and find your flow. It's time to wake up, own your shit and love your life

Layne has distilled her life lessons into a breathtakingly genuine and honest course that walks you through a process of tapping into the person you know you could be if you could just get out of your own way. Layne’s words reflect her raw, tough and discerning approach but most importantly carry with them a refreshing undercurrent of compassion from beginning to end.

Dr. Matthew Zoeller, CEO & Founder My Mirror, Intensive Care Specialist

You reminded me of who I truly am. Someone that does not take crap from anyone, yet I was taking crap from myself. I feel like I am now going to identify with someone who fights for what they want...fights for my health & fitness and get my body back...fights to enjoy and live my life to the fullest and this is exactly what has happened!

Kerrie Denton

Humble, authentic, heartfelt and experienced with genuine passion to help change people’s lives is exactly what the Awake Academy is. Discovering and understanding Layne’s journey from the start to where she is now through all her raw and honest trials and tribulations is incredibly refreshing and makes the experience ever so relatable and tangible.

Cameron Merchant

The course really gave me food for thought, there are so many aspects of my own life that I’ve been avoiding and this just awakened me! Light- bulb moment. I had 3 key things I’ve gone away with (one started today – drink more water!!!) and the other two require further consideration.

Regina Hollings

Layne’s wisdom has had a profound impact on our lives and our business. The importance of focussing on our own well- being on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual, was something that Layne gives such power and emphasis.

Enhanced by the tools Layne offers, this encouraged us to action and implement them on ourselves and within our business, making all the difference!

It’s not until we take ownership and place ourselves centrally that we can truly hope to flourish and impact the success of our business from its core - us.

In these tough times we are in ourselves, and in our business; healthy, resilient, and happy!

Chris and Lesia Mortensen, NS Health Australia

Are you ready to feel more confident, centred and connected?

Our course promises to deliver you practical techniques and tools for real-life situations to radically transform your life!

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The Power of Self-Belief | Layne Beachley

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Voices in Action 2017: Keynote Address by Layne Beachley


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