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of Australians experience mental illness at some point in their lives


of employees do not seek help for their mental health and less than 3% use an Employee Assistance Program


of workers believe employers should create an environment that proactively addresses stress in the workplace

The Challenge

3.5 Million Australians have mild to moderate mental health issues.

That’s 1 in 4 people in every meeting room experiencing a mental illness or injury.

Mental health challenges are a prevalent concern in Australia’s workforce, affecting productivity, engagement, and overall job satisfaction. The Black Dog Institute reports that one in five Australians will experience a mental health condition in any given year, costing $10.4B in lost revenue.

The Investment

For every dollar invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace, there is a return of $2.30 in benefits to the business.

Employee vulnerability plays a pivotal role in effective mental wellness programs. Sharing vulnerabilities within a safe and supportive environment fosters connection, empathy, and authenticity among team members. This openness reduces stigma around mental health struggles and encourages a culture of mutual support, ultimately leading to improved well-being, enhanced communication, and greater job satisfaction.

Meet Your Mentors

Layne Beachley AO

7x World Surfing Champion & Mental Wellness Advocate:

An iconic figure in the world of surfing, Layne brings her unique insights to Awake Academy. As a 7-time World Surfing champion, she knows the importance of mental resilience, determination, and overcoming challenges. Her journey from adversity to greatness has inspired her to guide others on their path to authenticity and empowerment.

Tess Brouwer

Corporate Athlete, CEO of Awake Academy, Entrepreneur and Mental Wellness Mentor:

Tess Brouwer, a corporate athlete and mental wellness mentor, complements Layne’s expertise with her deep understanding of corporate dynamics and mental wellbeing. With a background in rebuilding her life from a life changing spinal cord and brain injury plus her extensive experience as a senior executive, Tess specialises in fostering resilience, mental fitness, and effective communication within corporate environments.


Elevate Your Corporate Culture with Human-Centric Solutions

Unleash the potential of your workforce through our innovative programs that foster empathy, collaboration, and authentic communication. 

Experience a transformational shift in your people, igniting creativity, productivity, and employee engagement making them feel more centred connected and confident. 

The Power of the Own Your Truth Program

This highly successful program is designed to empower employees to embrace their authenticity, navigate challenges, and foster a resilient mindset.

Your teams will be more centred, connected and confident by building:

1. Enhanced Self-Awareness:

The program facilitates deep self-reflection, leading to improved emotional intelligence and communication skills.

2. Open Dialogue and Empathy:

Vulnerability sharing exercises create a culture of open dialogue, reducing stigma and promoting a supportive work environment.

3. Resilience and Mental Fitness:

Practical tools for stress management and resilience foster adaptability, improved decision making, and reduced burnout.

4. Effective Communication and Collaboration:

Active listening skills enhance teamwork and conflict resolution, fostering a more harmonious workplace.

5. Leadership and Growth:

Leaders embrace vulnerability, creating a culture where authenticity empowers both leaders and employees to grow personally and professionally.

    “This has to be one of the best employee programs that we have ever done at Coles”

    Tony, General Manager – Coles

    Creating a Culture
    of Healthy Minds

      Improve moral, social & emotional well-being.
    Build resilience to bounce back & thrive plus a healthy mindset to sustain it.
    Detach from fear & dissolve negative thought patterns.
    Discover techniques to achieve happiness in their personal and working lives.
    Develop more self awareness and emotional intelligence.
    Shortcut the struggle to achieve mental wellness.

    “The course was delivered remotely and to say it has transformed my life and some of my team members’ lives would be an understatement. Layne has taken her life experiences from her childhood to being an elite athlete and a wife and moulded them into an incredible course that will help anyone from school students to CEO’s.”

    Liam Diggin


    Our Tribe

    Join an amazing group of businesses leading the
    mental health revolution.
    Emerging leadership program Aspire.

    40 emerging leaders have completed the Own Your Truth program, learning the importance of self-awareness and empathy in leadership. In 2022 a cohort member won Employee of the year!

    Mental Wellness Partnership

    Awake Academy is empowering Coles staff, Executive General managers and their teams to be more centred, connected and confident, inspiring them to prioritise their wellbeing and lead from within.

    We are proud to partner with AIA Australia and committed to empowering 1 million people to live healthier, longer, better lives by utilising the tips and tools in our courses.

    "There is nobody better placed to help you awaken all that you are capable of than Layne Beachley. One of the many great strengths of this program is the vulnerability of Layne's reflections and the thoughtfulness of the exercises and practices she has curated, aimed at allowing you to safely explore your own. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of self, and drive greater congruence between their internal and external worlds" 

    Holly Ransom

    CEO, Emergent

    Our Courses

    We give companies and their employees practical tools and strategies taken from multiple philosophies that let people take ownership of who they are and who they want to be.

    Own Your Truth

    Mental Wellness Course

    The life MBA for you & your team — a lived and learned approach to getting more from life. This immersive program blends lived and learned experiences with practical tools to enhance and empower individuals and company culture.

    Resilience Mindset


    Crafted to equip your team with practical strategies for overcoming challenges, silencing negativity, and maintaining a positive outlook – both in the workplace and beyond.

    Know Yourself, Grow Yourself

    Workplace Program

    A 2-hour workshop to empower individuals to deepen their self-awareness, unlock their truth, and cultivate personal growth.

    7 Doctors

    Workplace Program

    Achieve a state of centredness, connectedness and confidence with Layne's personal vitality tool kit designed to boost your health, wellbeing and happiness in just 7 steps, over 7 weeks.

    Empowering Your People, Your Way

    Customisable Formats

    The Own Your Truth Program is adaptable to your organisation’s needs. We work with up and coming leadership teams, entire workforces, disengaged teams, burnt-out teams and high performance individuals. You give us the brief and we will work with you to accommodate the needs of your business, within the impactful structure of our programs. Choose from a full-day workshop, half-day sessions, or virtual workshops to suit your team’s requirements.

    Empower Your Workforce

    Awake Academy’s program elevates team morale, productivity, and overall organisational success by prioritising individuals and mental wellness. We provide a toolkit for your team to keep for life.

    Join the Movement

    With Layne Beachley AO’s champion mindset and Tess Brouwer’s corporate acumen, Awake Academy’s Own Your Truth Program is a transformational journey toward fostering a mentally resilient and empowered workforce.  Connect with us to explore how this program can bring lasting positive change to your organisation.

    Our Results

    Creating a culture of happy, healthy minds.


    of people felt more centred, connected and confident after the course – when 100% of those people felt disconnected or lost before the course.


    will recommend this course to friends and family.


    of participants went from feeling lost and unhappy to happy and transformed.

    “Layne and Tess, you are true gems in human form. Your openness, vulnerability, and generosity of spirit were truly remarkable. The session was a perfect blend of deep reflection and lightheartedness. I learned valuable lessons and gained practical strategies to improve my life. Thank you for creating a safe and supportive space. Your impact on my personal growth is immeasurable.”


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