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Awake Academy provides you with all the tools necessary to wake up, own your shit and trust in love.

We understand there are certain support needs that come along with this process. For this reason, we have formed partnerships that promote growth, connection and happiness.


My Mirror have come on board as the Awake Academy Official Growth Partner.


My Mirror

My Mirror brings psychological support into the twenty-first century, delivering a highly accessible, convenient and cost-effective online mental health solution to help all Australians.

They’ve worked hard to ensure Australians no longer have to wait days or weeks to talk to a professional. With their readily available online registered psychologists and 21 hour a day service, My Mirror has completely removed geographical barriers, and significantly improved time-related, financial and stigmatic accessibility issues that often make it difficult to seek therapy conveniently.


Why we chose My Mirror

Awake Academy is a combination of life lessons, the world’s best high-performance professional methods and alternative modalities, all learned from Layne’s 19-year professional career and personal experiences.

These lessons are incredibly powerful, and will generate transformation, however it is incredibly important that Awake Academy is supported by a psychology partner to ensure our participants have mental health safety and support, if/when they require it.

Awake Academy and My Mirror share a philosophy that is founded in supporting individuals who want to take responsibility for their growth and psychological development. So, if/when our participants require mental health support, we know they’ll be guided by like-minded professionals.


We are always open to new partnerships to wake up with.

If you want to partner with us to create positive impact on the planet and humanity, we are ready to
hear from you!

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