Insights from a Conversation with Sadhguru

Sunday night was a bit of a pinch me moment.

In front of 5000 wonderful humans, united by a passion for self-empowerment, I was able to share an intimate conversation with the one and only Sadhguru.

I’ll be honest, several hours of deeply vulnerable conversations was quite a whirlwind and to attempt to distil the entirety of that conversation into several hundred words would be a fool’s errand.

What I will do is explore the three key insights that stood out to me during our conversation, and how they can inspire us on our own journey of growth and resilience.

The Way Out is Always Within

Have you ever found yourself in a frenzied pursuit of a goal, but that goal seems undefined or unclear?

“I must have a good career.”

“I must build a family.”

“I must be fit and healthy.”

Have these targets ever felt elusive to you? Or worse still, have you felt like you were darting from one goal to another?

When life starts to get all tangled up, that’s when the unwanted guests arrive: stress, a hefty dose of unhappiness, and a nagging feeling that we’re just not connecting, with others or even with ourselves. And resentment! It’s like that clingy friend who overstays their welcome. It’s what happens when things get complicated and we feel like we’re falling short.

But does life get complicated, or do we complicate ourselves?

Sadhguru reminds us that contentment lies within.

“The external world is a mere reflection, a projection of our innermost thoughts and desires.”

Pause for a moment, and consider what this means.

If your experience of the world and your life is a direct result of your internal thoughts, does it not make sense to cultivate a rich and vibrant terrain within yourself?

“Just think more positively!” No shit sherlock. If it was that easy, everyone would do it.

Obviously, it’s not that simple. But Sadhguru provides an important reminder that we have the power to change our inner landscape, and thus our external experience.

He says, “Pain or pleasure, joy or misery, agony or ecstasy, happens only inside you. Human folly is that people are always trying to extract joy from the outside. You may use the outside as a stimulus or trigger, but the real thing always comes from within.”

(Search Ralph Mechoulam and the bliss molecule if you’re sceptical).

Cultivating your thoughts is not an idle pursuit. It calls for introspection, meditation, and a deliberate shift in how we perceive and interact with the world. It’s on you to take on the challenge, to curate ways to bring about a shift in your internal dialogue. It takes time. It takes dedication. Trust me though, when it clicks it pays off.

With a newfound awareness, we understand that the way to navigate life’s labyrinth of complications is to first connect with our internal GPS, that steadfast guide that steers us towards our true north. By quieting the noise without and within, we make space for our inner voice to emerge and lead the charge.

Emotions: States of Being, Not Labels

Emotions, those simultaneously pesky and wonderful things are often misunderstood. We cling to joy, resist sorrow, and are oftentimes ambushed by the multitude of emotions in moments of reaction.

But what if, instead of labelling these emotions, we view them as transient states of being that are neither good nor bad?

Sadhguru’s perspective on emotion is revolutionary in its simplicity. He guides us to witness these states without judgement. After all, the sky doesn’t mourn the passing clouds, nor does the earth boast when its forests bask in the rays of sunlight.

This way of thinking invites a radical shift in how we relate to our inner world. When we cease to label emotions, when we simply let them be, we free ourselves from being consumed by our feelings. This is the freedom that comes from embracing the ebb and flow of life, from understanding that every emotion is a visitor, a messenger that ultimately dissipates.

The Power of “I Do Not Know”

We live in a society that seems to celebrate certitude.

Admitting you do not know is often viewed as a shortcoming, a failure, a lack of ability or ineptitude.

But what if, according to Sadhguru, uncertainty is not a void to be filled? What if not knowing is celebrated as a desire to learn?

“I do not know” is not a surrender; it’s a reflection of one’s willingness to learn and continue to grow.

It is in this space of not knowing that we are most receptive to learning, that we seem to approach life and its dilemmas with the blissful ignorance of a child, with a curiosity free from preconceived notions.

This stance of inquiry not only broadens our horizons but also hones our ability to engage with life fully and authentically.

“Those who destroy the state of ‘I do not know’ with beliefs and assumptions forget that ‘I do not know’ is a tremendous doorway – the only doorway – to seeking and knowing.”

Imagine approaching daily life with an acceptance of “I do not know” and therefore “I’m willing to be wrong in order to learn more”.

When we embody the spirit of “I do not know” we unlock our own wisdom and start to view the world with fresh, appreciative eyes.

The Journey Continues

Life can get overwhelming, and it’s not uncommon to spiral into overthinking—been there, done that. But hey, there’s good news. We’ve got more control over our happiness and our paths than we often realise. It’s about looking inwards, facing those wild emotions without judgement, and embracing the big ol’ question mark that is the future with open arms.

So, let’s take a deep breath, have a laugh at life’s little absurdities, and remind ourselves to enjoy the ride, because it’s the one journey we’re all sharing. Here’s to learning, growing, and being brilliantly, beautifully humans in 2024…and beyond.

Layne xx

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