Resilience Mindset Masterclass

x7 world surfing champion and wellness warrior Layne Beachey guides you through a 45-minute HIIT session for your mind that will grow your resilience.

Set the right course to awaken.

Imagine living the life you truly desire and achieving anything you set your mind to.

It’s time to bring back the fun!

With guidance from your Jedi Master Layne, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself while gaining skills to combat uncertainty, boost your confidence to embrace challenges and live life by design.

This is the necessary toolkit to connect with your feelings, align with your truth and awaken your spirit. Now it’s up to you!

Course outline.

Resilience Mindset Masterclass

A 45-minute HIIT session for your mind

Masterclass Introduction

What you will learn

Your thoughts are not who you are

Silencing Negativity

Identifying and connecting with our story

Rose tinted stories

The power of I AM and Gratitude

Connecting with what you love to do

My self care plan

Masterclass wrap-up


Resilience Mindset Masterclass

A 45-minute HIIT session for your mind

  • We’ve heard about having a resilient mindset but how do you actually develop one practically?
  • What are the practical steps to becoming more resilient?
  • We know that without resilience, we become subject to our moods, and events and live a life of fear.

This resilient mindset masterclass gives you the tools to overcome challenges in life. It’s practical, it’s simple and it works.

$50 incl. GST

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