What is Awake Academy


Awake Academy is a centre for self-empowerment, cultivating connection, growth and happiness in humanity.

The Awake Academy Waves of Transformation.

A truly transformational online portal designed to awaken your spirit and revitalise your life through a series of high impact courses.


Acknowledge and take ownership of your inner self. Become aware. Start moving forward. It’s time to wake up and work on the age-old principle of self-discovery.


Now that you’ve taken ownership, and you’ve recognised what needs to be done to fulfil your innermost desires, it’s time to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Practice, start growing and ultimately, evolving.

Meet our tribe.

Kerrie Denton

You reminded me of who I truly am. Someone that does not take crap from anyone, yet I was taking crap from myself. I feel like I am now going to identify with someone who fights for what they want...fights for my health & fitness and get my body back...fights to enjoy and live my life to the fullest and this is exactly what has happened!

Kerrie Denton
Cameron Merchant

Humble, authentic, heartfelt and experienced with genuine passion to help change people’s lives is exactly what the Awake Academy is. Discovering and understanding Layne’s journey from the start to where she is now through all her raw and honest trials and tribulations is incredibly refreshing and makes the experience ever so relatable and tangible.

Cameron Merchant
Dr. Matthew Zoeller Image

Layne has distilled her life lessons into a breathtakingly genuine and honest course that walks you through a process of tapping into the person you know you could be if you could just get out of your own way. Layne’s words reflect her raw, tough and discerning approach but most importantly carry with them a refreshing undercurrent of compassion from beginning to end.

Dr. Matthew Zoeller, CEO & Founder My Mirror, Intensive Care Specialist

Are you ready to awaken your spirit, expand your consciousness and transform your life?

Own Your Truth Course

No bullsh*t training to unlock your internal GPS

  • Develop the awareness and ability to express your feelings
  • Create alignment with your truth and build your dream team
  • Actions to energise your life and awaken your spirit

A lifetime of experience and knowledge for only

$99.99 incl. GST

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