We know our courses are practical and impactful but don’t just take our word for it. Here is what our Tribe have to say about their awakening experience.

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The Awakened Ones

Our Tribe have a growth mindset. Truth seekers who have awakened to detach from fear, take control and live a life they love.

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Layne has distilled her life lessons into a breathtakingly genuine and honest course that walks you through a process of tapping into the person you know you could be if you could just get out of your own way. Layne’s words reflect her raw, tough and discerning approach but most importantly carry with them a refreshing undercurrent of compassion from beginning to end.

Dr. Matthew Zoeller, CEO & Founder My Mirror, Intensive Care Specialist
Kate My Mirror image

I was impressed by the focus not only on what people can do to make real change for themselves but also an honest and at times confronting reflection on how their current responses might be keeping them stuck! As a psychologist, I loved the emphasis on developing skills and strategies known to increase resilience, growth and wellbeing!

Kate Blundell, My Mirror Chief Psychologist

As a business owner I have been know to wear 'busy' as a badge of honour. I have prioritised work for so long that there were so many other areas in my life where I stopped making any progress. Own Your Truth woke me up to all of the reasons why I started my business in the first place, how I want to show up and the people I most want to serve. My business can only be as strong as I am and Layne's honesty, insights and shared lessons gave me so much clarity around how I can prioritise my own needs in a way that will improve my life in all areas without sacrificing my own peace of mind or compromising my values. Thank you for your vulnerability, Layne. I'm so grateful.

Haylee Vazquez, Liberate Business Solutions
Kerrie Denton
Kerrie Denton

You reminded me of who I truly am. Someone that does not take crap from anyone, yet I was taking crap from myself. I feel like I am now going to identify with someone who fights for what they want...fights for my health & fitness and get my body back...fights to enjoy and live my life to the fullest and this is exactly what has happened!

Regina Hollings
Regina Hollings

The course really gave me food for thought, there are so many aspects of my own life that I’ve been avoiding and this just awakened me! Light- bulb moment. I had 3 key things I’ve gone away with (one started today – drink more water!!!) and the other two require further consideration.

Chris and Lesia Mortensen, NS Health Australia

Layne’s wisdom has had a profound impact on our lives and our business. The importance of focussing on our own well- being on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual, was something that Layne gives such power and emphasis.

Enhanced by the tools Layne offers, this encouraged us to action and implement them on ourselves and within our business, making all the difference!

It’s not until we take ownership and place ourselves centrally that we can truly hope to flourish and impact the success of our business from its core - us.

In these tough times we are in ourselves, and in our business; healthy, resilient, and happy!

Cameron Merchant
Cameron Merchant

Humble, authentic, heartfelt and experienced with genuine passion to help change people’s lives is exactly what the Awake Academy is. Discovering and understanding Layne’s journey from the start to where she is now through all her raw and honest trials and tribulations is incredibly refreshing and makes the experience ever so relatable and tangible.

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