My Mirror Check-in: start

Welcome to your first My Mirror Check-in.

We’ll be touching base with you throughout your journey of owning your truth. 

It’s normaland expectedto feel confronted, scared or a range of other emotions during times of self-discovery, change and developmentThis is because growth requires us to reassess our values, thoughts and behaviours. 

You will be prompted to use the My Mirror Check-in tool after rounds 2, 4 and 7 to help you keep track of your psychological resources* and strengths in order to provide an honest check-in with yourself, to see how you are travelling with the ‘Own Your Truth’ experiences. 

We’ll offer you some recommendations and tips based on these check-ins and remember that our My Mirror psychologists are always at the ready if you would like someone to: 

  • debrief with 
  • guide you to further explore your self-knowledge and self-awareness 
  • guide you through any challenging emotions that come up for you during ‘Own Your Truth’
  • complement and extend on the strategies you are learning during Own Your Truth’ 

Honest reflection and change are confronting and sometimes very uncomfortable or even painful. In fact, we would expect that a proportion of individuals will need to connect with a psychologist at some point during this course to assist them in working through challenges and vulnerabilities. 

Below are 8 statements with which you may agree or disagree.

Using the 1–7 scale below, indicate your agreement with each item by indicating that response for each statement.

7 – Strongly agree
6 – Agree
5 – Slightly agree
4 – Neither agree nor disagree
3 – Slightly disagree
2 – Disagree
1 – Strongly disagree

Please ensure you are logged in to be able to take the survey

*Psychological resources are any internal and external resources that you use as active coping skills to help manage challenging life events and maintain wellbeing. Some of these resources may include personal mastery (the degree to which you feel you can control life events), agency (being able to focus on self), self-sufficiency (the ability to internally adjust behaviour). These resources also include resilience tools such as self-awareness, self-esteem, social connection and support, self-regulation, mental agility, strength of character and optimism.

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