My Mirror Check-in: time for a boost!

Thank you for completing the My Mirror Check-in.

Your result indicates that currently your tank of psychological resources* and strengths might be running a bit low, and there is a good chance you could benefit from some nurturing and guidance.

It’s normal to have times when we’re feeling under-resourced or don’t have the tools to feel as positive and/or strong as usual. When we’re feeling this way, it can make honest reflection and change confronting, uncomfortable or even painful.

At My Mirror, we would expect that a proportion of the Awake Academy tribe will need to connect with a psychologist at some point during this course to help them develop the tools to work through challenges and vulnerabilities.

Take Layne for instance. She has previously worked through her stories identifying challenging experiences and working through unhelpful thoughts and emotions to renew strength. Building this course, and revisiting her stories in Round 2, was confronting for Layne and she herself re-connected with a therapist for a few sessions. This allowed her to work through a very important set of personal hurdles, emerging from this deeper work, stronger and more knowledgeable than before.

No matter who you are, there is always room to grow and sometimes in order to do so, it can feel uncomfortable and require the support of a professional to guide you.  



My Mirror psychologists can help you to work through your individual challenges and barriers, further building on your self-awareness, resilience and resources, so you can grow stronger through your ‘Own Your Truth’ journey. 

These ongoing benefits from checking-in with your thoughts, emotions and behaviours can help you live the life you want to live

My Mirror Psychologists are available to support you with guidance whenever the desire arises either now or in the future.


*Psychological resources are any internal and external resources that you use as active coping skills to help manage challenging life events and maintain wellbeing. Some of these resources may include personal mastery (the degree to which you feel you can control life events), agency (being able to focus on self), self-sufficiency (the ability to internally adjust behaviour). These resources also include resilience tools such as self-awareness, self-esteem, social connection and support, self-regulation, mental agility, strength of character and optimism.

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