My Mirror Check-in: course completed

Well done for finishing the course and reaching your final My Mirror Check-in!

As we always note, self-development and change can be so rewarding but also very confronting and even scary at timesSo, well done making it to the end of ‘Own Your Truth’.

This final My Mirror Check-in is a time to reflect, consider your growth and where you’re headed from here. 

After completing this check-in, we recommend you look back on your result from the check-in at the start of the course. Do you notice any new (or strengthened) psychological resources*? If not, what barriers prevented this? Can you make any more changes to lead a life that is more meaningful to you? 

Talking to a psychologist is not just for someone with mental health condition. It can assist you in processing thoughts, emotions and behaviours, as well as nurture and foster psychological resilience, wellbeing and change.

Whether it’s now or at some time in the future, keep an eye on our My Mirror articles and remember that our psychologists are always at the ready to talk to you – up to 21 hours a day. 

Below are 8 statements with which you may agree or disagree.

Using the 1–7 scale below, indicate your agreement with each item by indicating that response for each statement.

7 – Strongly agree
6 – Agree
5 – Slightly agree
4 – Neither agree nor disagree
3 – Slightly disagree
2 – Disagree
1 – Strongly disagree

Please ensure you are logged in to be able to take the survey


*Psychological resources are any internal and external resources that you use as active coping skills to help manage challenging life events and maintain wellbeing. Some of these resources may include personal mastery (the degree to which you feel you can control life events), agency (being able to focus on self), self-sufficiency (the ability to internally adjust behaviour). These resources also include resilience tools such as self-awareness, self-esteem, social connection and support, self-regulation, mental agility, strength of character and optimism.

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