Own Your Truth

The unique & powerful online course. Layne Beachley shares over 40 years of lived and learned personal experiences to empower you to own your truth. A truly transformational toolkit designed to unlock your internal GPS and help you live a life you love!

Set the right course to awaken.

Imagine living the life you truly desire and achieving anything you set your mind to.

It’s time to bring back the fun!

With guidance from your Jedi Master Layne, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself while gaining skills to combat uncertainty, boost your confidence to embrace challenges and live life by design.

This is the necessary toolkit to connect with your feelings, align with your truth and awaken your spirit. Now it’s up to you!

Dive right in.

Own your truth dive in
  • 7 Rounds of lessons, 19 videos, 29 exercises and a complete tool kit designed, curated and narrated by Layne herself. You control the speed and timing of your transformation, take a few days, a week or as long as you like to complete the course, the power is in your hands.
  • Exercises (or, as well like to call them, experiences) are broken down and shared across 19 fun, engaging and informative videos. Ensuring ample opportunity to learn and absorb Layne’s wisdom, directly from your mentor.
  • A comprehensive exercise workbook that is yours to keep, covering all course material. Giving you something to work on while you watch the videos, or revisit the work at a later stage. A place to store your musings and document your growth.

Course outline.

Chapter 1 | Awareness

Unlock Your Awareness

Introduction to Own Your Truth Course

Round 1: Awareness of Reality

Identify, connect and express your current feelings.

  • Draw your emotions
  • Learn to express your feelings
  • Identify what you love doing (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Identify and highlight your strengths

Round 2: Awareness of Judgments & Triggers

Clarify your story, note your blind spots, shift your energy

  • Identify your current story
  • Breathe and emotionally detach
  • Rewrite your story
  • Detach from default roles and design new positions

Chapter 2 | Align

Align with yourself and your team

Round 3: Self Alignment

Aligning your self-talk

  • ‘I AM’ awareness
  • Meditation
  • Own your truth model

Round 4: Team Alignment

Align your dream team

  • Build your tribe of honesty barometers
  • Onboard your Dream Team
  • Own your story and remain open to feedback

Chapter 3 | Awake

Awakening actions for a fun-filled life

Round 5: Awakening Actions to Own Your Truth

Self-worth boosting toolkit.

  • Barriers to boundaries
  • Decision making framework— Hell Yeah versus F*ck No
  • Creatively express a barrier

Round 6: Awaken Your Energy

Celebrate Champagne Moments & Failures.

  • Recognise and celebrate
  • Play more
  • Win the morning
  • Celebrate failure

Round 7: Awaken Your Spirit

The entire 7 Rounds of Lessons and bonus content

19 videos and printable workbook

Supported by evidence-based mental health service, My Mirror

Join a Like-minded Community and access world class resources

Give Back to humanity. $7 donated to WWF our Awakethropy partner

Lifetime Access to the Entire Course and resources

Get mentored from the best. Layne Beachley.

Layne has conquered the world of surfing, mentored the Australian Olympic Team at the London Olympic Games, holds 3 Guinness Book of World Records and is an Officer of the Order of Australia.

Success stories.

Kate My Mirror image

I was impressed by the focus not only on what people can do to make real change for themselves but also an honest and at times confronting reflection on how their current responses might be keeping them stuck! As a psychologist, I loved the emphasis on developing skills and strategies known to increase resilience, growth and wellbeing!

Kate Blundell, My Mirror Chief Psychologist

As a business owner I have been know to wear 'busy' as a badge of honour. I have prioritised work for so long that there were so many other areas in my life where I stopped making any progress. Own Your Truth woke me up to all of the reasons why I started my business in the first place, how I want to show up and the people I most want to serve. My business can only be as strong as I am and Layne's honesty, insights and shared lessons gave me so much clarity around how I can prioritise my own needs in a way that will improve my life in all areas without sacrificing my own peace of mind or compromising my values. Thank you for your vulnerability, Layne. I'm so grateful.

Haylee Vazquez, Liberate Business Solutions

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Own Your Truth Course

No bullsh*t training to unlock your internal GPS

  • Develop the awareness and ability to express your feelings
  • Create alignment with your truth and build your dream team
  • Actions to energise your life and awaken your spirit

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