Essential tools to transform your life.

Unique & powerful courses and products that help you detach from fear and bring back the fun.

Layne Beachley shares over 40 years of lived and learned personal experiences to empower you to awaken, evolve and transform. These are the only courses you will need to unlock your internal GPS to live a life filled with fun and flow.

Unique Insights

Resilient Mindset Masterclass

Boost your ability to bounce back and thrive with this resilient mindset masterclass. 

Spring-clean your mind with a 60 min HIIT session to awaken your spirit.

Own Your Truth - LIVE

A powerful 1-day Live event personally facilitated by Layne designed to help you feel more connected, centred and confident. 

A full day interactive workshop, nutritious food and transformational content with lifetime access to the course. 

Manly, Sydney, November 4th 2022

Own Your Truth - Online Course

Create a positive outlook, live authentically and design a life you love! 

A self-paced transformational online course delivered by a 7x world champion and a champion of mental wellness

Layne’s life lessons are distilled into 7 Rounds of modules, 19 videos, 29 exercises and a complete tool kit designed to help you feel more connected, centred and confident. 

Join thousands of people on the path to awakening your spirit.


Your people are your most valuable asset. 

We offer customised and engaging programs empowering your people to feel more connected, centred and confident. 

Our bespoke bootcamps, programs and retreats will inspire self-awareness, boost empathy and galvanise leadership skills in your people.

Contact us now to learn how our content will help your people wake up. 

Meet the dreamers.

Kate My Mirror image

I was impressed by the focus not only on what people can do to make real change for themselves but also an honest and at times confronting reflection on how their current responses might be keeping them stuck! As a psychologist, I loved the emphasis on developing skills and strategies known to increase resilience, growth and wellbeing!

Kate Blundell, My Mirror Chief Psychologist
Cameron Merchant

Humble, authentic, heartfelt and experienced with genuine passion to help change people’s lives is exactly what the Awake Academy is. Discovering and understanding Layne’s journey from the start to where she is now through all her raw and honest trials and tribulations is incredibly refreshing and makes the experience ever so relatable and tangible.

Cameron Merchant
Kerrie Denton

You reminded me of who I truly am. Someone that does not take crap from anyone, yet I was taking crap from myself. I feel like I am now going to identify with someone who fights for what they want...fights for my health & fitness and get my body back...fights to enjoy and live my life to the fullest and this is exactly what has happened!

Kerrie Denton

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