It’s time to focus on the employee’s needs, not their profile or position.

Developing awareness around our emotional, physical and mental health state empowers us and motivates us to be responsible and take action. 70% of employees resist seeking help for their mental health, and less than 3% use an Employee Assistance Program. If we keep pushing without self-care, there is a high cost. It will show up in 3 areas.


Work performance

Poor concentration, easily irritated, low productivity?

Mental health conditions present substantial costs to organisations.

A lack of mental health awareness programs within organisations often contribute to employees experiencing poor concentration, irritability and low productivity.


Physical and psychological

Overweight, depressed, anxious and withdrawn?

A lack of investment in one’s mental wellbeing and health can contribute to employees feeling depressed, anxious and withdrawn as well as weight gain


Stretched too thin and ignoring the warning signs?

Employees often report feeling as though they are stretched too thin and they continue to ignore the warning signs of burnout and mental fatigue.

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