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7-time world champion Layne Beachley is widely regarded as the most successful surfer in history. The only surfer to claim 6 consecutive world titles, Layne’s story is the testimony to the power of self-belief.


Layne sitting on the beach

I was six years old when my dad returned from the hospital.

His deep blue eyes were red and swollen, and a profound sadness enveloped his whole being. “Your mother is gone, she is never coming back”. My brother and I were devastated and heartbroken. Mum died from a cerebral haemorrhage during a cosmetic surgery procedure. The following year, dad informed me of my adoption, shattering my sense of belonging and igniting a flame within me. I was desperate to prove I was deserving of love. How can I do that? I had to become a world champion. A world champion surfer. The best of the best.

Layne winning

My 19-year professional surfing career was an emotional rollercoaster filled with injury, failure, success, depression, happiness and contentment.

Learning how to lose taught me how to win. 29 tour victories, 7 world titles, 6 won consecutively, 5 achieved in a state of fear. Every performance, every result, every failure and achievement determined my self-worth. The struggle validated my belief that success has to be hard. Fortuitously forced by injury, the unsustainable wave I was riding changed direction, and I chose to surrender and adapt. Compassion, acceptance and gratitude replaced the fear, pain and suffering, which reinvigorated my love of competition and zest for life. I have learned, I am enough.

Layne conference

Life loves throwing curveballs to test your resolve.

My clothing brand failed, my health deteriorated, and my charity wound up, punctuated by a successful motivational speaking career and a healthy loving marriage.

Sharing my experiences energises and excites me, similar to what competitive surfing used to. Building this platform has awakened me to what I was born for; sharing my life lessons to inspire people to wake up, take ownership of their choices and live a life they love. I want to kindle a groundswell of happiness, connection and growth in humanity.

Awakening others awakens me.

This is why I co-created this Academy; to share my experiences and story with the world. To inspire and empower people to recognise the power of their thoughts, awaken them to their gifts, and to provide them with the tools to transform their lives.

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